Air Conditioner

How to install in- wall air conditioner
Try not to locate electrics and electronics because they may be damaged by condensation from the discharge air grates on very humid days. Plan to keep the bottom of the unit from the floor to minimize dust from the floor clogging the filter, and condensation forming on the ceiling. Locate studs by either using a stud finder or visually inspecting baseboards for nail heads. Lightly indicate with pencil on the wall where these studs lie.
Run the drill at a higher speed, fully into one of the bottom two corners of the A/C location. Lightly guide the blade with your hand to keep it straight as you slowly and evenly apply pressure on the drill. With the blade fully into the wall, uncheck it from the drill and remove the drill. With the blade still in the wall, go outside and locate it. Make sure that it indicates no problems with the intended location of the A/C.